Thus Spoke Dingle

Evolution through parenting


I write about what excites me. Here are a few things that excite me:
The thunder of loud guitars; the head-bobbing thump of hip-hop; writing that sings and speaks to me, that teaches me something, that is unique; Duke basketball, Broncos football; thoughtful food with fresh ingredients, well-combined; wine that makes me think and surprises me; writing songs that sound like me, that speak to me… acoustic punk, power pop ditties, saying a simple thing in a new way; lyrics that paint a picture and slap you across the face, poetic and direct; characters that are real; wide-eyed songs about people with passion and a sense of destiny trying to be fulfilled; helping make good writing better; helping people pursue their passions, talking to them about their lives and helping them find truth; dreaming about the world, making plans to travel and following through; living in a new place and getting the hang of it; asking probing, thought-provoking questions, learning how things fit together, why things happen like they do in the world around me; books with themes and teachers who use small details to explain the big picture; and, most of all, my sweet, funny, beautiful wife, the little boy we made together, the dog who we still consider our first child, and the life we are all building together.


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