7 things that happened this week, in no particular order:

1) Declan started flinging himself, with little regard for life or limb, onto the dog bed. This is just as fun as it sounds.


I remember doing the same thing on my parent’s waterbed. Yeah, water bed. Remember when those were a thing? We also had a lava lamp. It was pretty groovy.

2) Colleen and I went to our first concert since Declan was born. Aesop Rock at the Crescent Ballroom. So good. My version of dive-bombing the dog bed. Pure glee.



3) Declan farted and then made fart noises with his mouth and laughed. He has linked the two. This is some sort of rite of passage.

4) The boy proved he’s my son by being very particular about a few things and proved he’s Colleen’s son through the “work smarter, not harder” approach.

In one case, I held some Cheerios in my hand for him to grab and eat. Instead, he bent over and ate them right out of my hand. Like Watson would do.

In another case, he grabbed a red shirt of mine and started walking with it, tripped, looked up at me, and handed the shirt to me. Most of his walking is still assisted, so he grabbed my finger and started pulling me toward the door. Figuring he’d forgotten about the red shirt, I set it down on the bed and started to follow him. When we got to the door, he looked back at me, then looked at my empty hand. Then back at my face. Then back at my empty hand. He looked disappointed. He pulled me back toward the bed and grunted while pointing to the shirt. Ok. I get it now. You want the shirt. So I carried the shirt into the next room where he promptly took it from me, threw it on the floor, and then went on about his day.

5) Declan made a big leap in terms of walking. He took the initiative and started taking steps on his own. He walked partway across the kitchen for me and all the way across his room for Colleen.

It won’t be long until we have a runner.

6) He started drinking cow’s milk again. But all attempts to have him drink from a cup have failed. He believes cups are for water and bottles are for milk. End of story. I tried to reason with him. You can imagine how successful that was.

7) We parted ways with our nanny. She’s been watching Declan for 6 months, but had become increasingly unreliable. Not with him. But with being late and canceling with too little notice. So that was hard. And sad. He liked her and she liked him. But come Tuesday, we’ll have a new nanny. It was time. Onward and upward.

As I write this, we are back in Colorado for a quick weekend visit. So I guess that’s event number 8. It has been a busy week. As always, milestones and big changes blend with the mundane. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.