They say kids are picky eaters, but Declan is redefining that term. You see, he picks everything he can off our plates, and then he eats it.

Colleen ordered a chicken salad the other day at lunch and before we could say “oink, oink”, he grabbed a handful of chicken, greens, peppers, and wonton strips off her plate and tried to put all of it in his mouth. He was mostly successful, too… gnawing and gumming and swallowing at least, you know, 12% of his self-made baby buffet.

Later, I handed him a small piece of chicken and he went to town. He must have been chewing on that thing for 10 minutes. And then, all of a sudden, it was gone. I looked in his mouth and saw nothing. I figured he swallowed it or spit it out. Then Colleen looked. Turns out, he had the chicken tucked away next to his right cheek. Sure couldn’t tell from the outside. You’ve seen those cheeks. He could hide a bowling ball in there and I wouldn’t know.



These are pictures of his first attempt to eat peanut butter toast. I figured it’d be a total disaster. Dry bread. Sticky butter. Hell, I have trouble handling it. But Deck? He chomped it like a champ. Even had time to show off to Mom.



Declan doesn’t care if his mouth is full. There’s always room for one more thing. Whether he’s got a toy and wants to fit a water bottle, or he’s got some sweet potato and wants to fit a pickle, don’t doubt him. He has learned the definition of double-fisting. And he likes it. You might even call it his M.O.

Speaking of pickles… the kid loves ’em. Gnaws on them, sucks the juices off, grins like a crazy person. Sometimes he bites off more than he can gum, but hey, you only live once. If you’re ever looking for a proper definition for this face, it’s not happy as a clam. It’s happy as a pickle.

Yep, solids have done Declan’s body good. Strangers now regularly describe him as chubby, chunky, or big. He hasn’t learned the definition of those words yet, but judging by the look on his peanut butter-encrusted face, he’d probably redefine “chubby” as happy and “picky” as self-defeating, snobbish stupidity. Talk to me in a year and hopefully I can tell you the same thing.