Gym. Tan. Laundry. GTL. That ubiquitous acronym may govern life on “The Jersey Shore” but I have higher hopes for Declan.

Right now, he has his own version . SBS. Suck. Babble. Stare. Allow me to present some visual evidence.






The babbling you have to hear. It’s Ba-ba-ba and Na-na-na and sometimes strings of sound that sound like Mama and Dada, too, although I don’t think he has attached meaning to those yet.

The sucking is constant. His fingers. Our fingers. His toes. His toys. Whatever is in front of his face. Everything is edible. Everything deserves a good coating of baby drool.

As for the staring, I think it’s partly normal development and partly his personality. He’s an observer. And he’ll stare at whatever’s in front of his face until he figures it out. Lately, he has loved looking at his wrist as he curls his fingers. Not sure what he’s plotting, but hopefully it’s more ambitious than a life of GTL.