For as long as I can remember, I’ve defined myself partially by what I write and how I write it. From essays in school to songs in college to stories in the working world, I put a piece of myself into everything I write. If I couldn’t write, I couldn’t fully express myself. My writing, inevitably, reveals something unique about me. Even if I can’t define what that is.

Now that I have a child , I realize fatherhood is a big part of how I define myself, too. Which is weird because for 31 years, it wasn’t. I think one reason for starting this blog is to use one defining quality (writing) to make sense of another (fatherhood). If you ask me, in person, what being a dad is like, the answer will be honest but limited and lacking in detail. I don’t, um, speak, uh…good. I lose my train of… Squirrel! If you ask me to write about fatherhood. the result will be more complex, more interesting, more full of truth. But sufficient? Hardly.

Maybe that’s why I have been obsessed with taking pictures of Declan. They say what words can’t. They reveal something unique about him (and maybe me, too) that is beyond definition. So take a look. My son. I couldn’t be more proud,